Trunk Room Tokyo

Self Storage for Tokyo

Trunk Room Tokyo provides modern self-storage units for people across Tokyo. All of our facilities are purpose-built to provide safe, secure and convenient self-storage for your possessions.

  • Store your personal valuables in Tokyo – whether they are connected to your personal life, household, or your business – in a safe, secure and private storage unit. 

  • Access them as often as you like – 24hrs a day. Only you can access your storage unit and nobody else will be aware of what you’re storing. 

  • To help you mange your account we provide a fast, convenient and discreet online portal for your own use, while customer service is also available during office hours.

Using Trunk Room Tokyo

Trunk Room Tokyo serves both individuals and companies who need extra space at home or for their businesses. Often this includes helping our customers at key times in their lives, such as when they are moving, renovating, starting a family, storing valuables or simply trying to free up space in their homes.

All Trunk Room Tokyo facilities have been specially designed to be user-friendly and completely self-service. They are open 24hrs a day and provide on-site parking so that you can come and go as you please. To manage your storage rental, we have an online customer portal that allows for everything to be handled online. Should it be required, customer service is also available during office hours.

Security at Trunk Room Tokyo

Our number one priority is the security of our customers possessions. All of our stores are brand new facilities that have been designed for the dedicated purpose of providing convenient, safe and secure storage. Automatic doors control access to the facilities, while only the customer will have the unique access key for their private room.

There is also externally monitored 24hr security cameras and ALSOK alarm systems. Controlled air-conditioning and fire and smoke detectors provide a further layer of security, keeping each storage room ventilated at a cool and dry level.

Trunk Room Tokyo manages stores throughout Tokyo, each with a range of room sizes available. See a list of our locations (Japanese).


Company NameK.K Trunk Room Tokyo
IncorporationApril 18th, 2018
CapitalJPY 10,000,000
Representative DirectorJoseph Rigby
Area of BusinessTrunk Room Property Management & Operation
ContactTEL: 0120-136-813, EMAIL:
Address7F BPR Place Kamiyacho, 1-11-9 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

0120-136-813 コールセンター 10:00~22:00(土日祝OK) ※ご契約中の方は平日10:00~18:00(年末年始除く)
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